Tensor PC

Tensor-PC is a highly-configurable industrial PC with endless possibilities. 

Enclosure size, cooling elements, internal and external interfaces – are all configurable. 

Any of the many Tensor-PC variations can be chosen or a custom configuration can be built. 

Addon Ports available via Tensor Elements (TELs).


Processor:  Intel Celeron, 9th Gen Core i3/i5/i7, & Xeon Variants

Memory:    Up to 64 GB DDR4-2400 ECC< | non-ECC                                                            2x SODIMM DDR4-2400 ECC | Non-ECC (unbuffered)

Graphics:  Integrated Intel UHD Graphics P630 / 630 / 610                                                Up to 3x DisplayPort 1.2 – 4K @ 60 Hz | HDMI 1.4 – 4K @ 30 Hz

                    Specific types of ports depends on selected TELs.

I/O:             Up to 38 PCIe 3.0 lanes (25 ports)

                    Up to 5x USB 3.1 gen 2

                    Up to 8x SATA 3

                    USB 3.1 gen 2 functionality depends on compatible TELs.

                    Some TELs support only USB 3.1 gen 1

                    List of Tensor Elements (TELs)

Operating systems:  Windows 10 Pro & other Windows 10 variants.

                                       Linux Mint & other Linux variants.

                                       Compatible with other hypervisors & operating                                               systems (e.g. ESXi, FreeBSD)

Storage:    NVMe M.2 2280: – Up to 8 NVMe devices can be installed,                              each with PCIe 3 x4 interface

                    SATA M.2: Up to 2 SATA devices can be installed

                    mSATA: Up to 2 mSATA devices can be installed

                    SATA 2.5″– Under development

Operating conditions: 

Power Input voltage range: 12V – 56V*

Power consumption: 20W – 40W

*Power consumption depends on: CPU type and TDP settings, System load, Installed devices, and Connected peripherals.

* Input voltage range depends on the power module used.

Temperature & Humidity: Operating temperature range: Up to -40C to 70C *

Relative humidity: 5% – 95% non-condensing

* When ordered in industrial temperature range. Commercial and extended temperature range are also available.

Warranty:  5 years from date of purchase.

Mechanical Specifications:

                 Enclosure Variants:  offered in 18 different enclosure variants:

                 2 Widths: 20cm (option W20), 30cm (option W30)

                 3 Heights: 2.5 cm – stacking A (option H25A)                                                                        3.5 cm – stacking C (option H35C)                                                                        4.9 cm – stacking A+C (option H49AC)

                 3 types of cooling ribs: Flat with no ribs (option C0)                                                                                    1 cm ribs (option CR10)                                                                                            2 cm ribs (option CR20)

Dimensions & Weight: 

Dimensions: 20 cm (W) x 20 cm (D) x 2.5 cm (H) – 1.0 liter

                        30 cm (W) x 20 cm (D) x 6.9 cm (H) – 4.1 liter

Weight: From: 1 Kg to 4 Kg

*Dimensions & Weight depend on enclosure variant

Housing & cooling: All aluminum housing & Fanless cooling

Mounting: VESA, Wall, and DIN-rail *sold separately

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